Back in the Day (2016) EN online

Back in the Day

Metai: 2016
Žanras: Dramos, Veiksmo,
Trukmė: 02:01:14
Režisierius: Paul Borghese
Kalba: Anglų (Originalus)
Aktoriai: Alec Baldwin, Michael Madsen, Shannen ...
Set in both the late 80's and current day "Back in the Day" is a gritty tale about Anthony Rodriguez (William DeMeo)| a half Italian - half Puerto Rican young teenager growing up on the streets of Bensonhurst Brooklyn; a then very dangerous and racist neighborhood filled with bullies big shots and social clubs where all of the neighborhood shots were called. Anthony had to endure an abusive unemployed alcoholic father but was blessed with a nurturing hard-working mother who he loses at a very early age and is devastated by it. In spite of his bitterness he struggles to uphold the morals his
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